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Hello, and welcome! I’m so glad to have you visit!

I have grown to love photography because it gives me a look into another beautiful life. People are all different, with unique personalities, backgrounds, and perspectives. But on a deeper level, we’re all the same too, and photographs have a way of seeing both the differences and similarities we have with one another.

When I photograph you, I get to tell your unique story: your personality, your love, your family, your life.  The images I discover will reflect the qualities you bring to the world, as well as a glimpse of more universal things like joy, love, and beauty. My photography is all on-location, encouraging you to be your natural self, in a real world…an expanse of bright sky, a time-weathered barn, a warm golden sun. And not a single one of those fake roller-backgrounds.

I’ve lived in or near Lincoln for nearly ten years, and married my sweetheart, Justin Chase Moore, in 2009. I love all things vintage and sun-soaked, and that often expresses itself in my photography.  When I’m not shooting, editing, or poring over all things photography-related, here are some other things I love having in my life: antique books, traveling, messy bouquets of flowers, snuggling with my husband, old lace, aviator sunglasses,  sushi, the history of people and language, Sigur Ros, local food, sparkly jewelry, overgrown clover-ey lawns, and cooking delicious, colorful and (usually) healthy food.

But enough about me…what’s your story?

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